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todd swift familyWelcome to ThemeKings! I’m Todd Swift, Canal Winchester’s web development connoisseur. Allow me to take a moment to explain how I progressed into a career building interactive HTML5-based designs, and internet marketing.

Around 1998 I recall browsing the internet for the first time visiting websites that were both engaging, and inspiring. I was completely amazed how someone in another city, state, or country for that matter, could build an interactive online community that I could visit right from my home computer. Needless to say it didn’t take long before I developed this strong desire to learn how to construct a website and everything that it entailed. I taught myself to code in HTML, and CSS from studying other developers source files to figure out what they had done to make things fit where they did. I clearly remember drawing a website theme using Microsoft Paintbrush, slicing it up, and then writing the code using Frontpage to piece it all together making it functional. From the first moment I saw what I had created live on the internet, as basic as it may had been, I was hooked!

Over the years that followed I found myself building websites for recreation, friends, and eventually those looking for business opportunities on the web. As my experience grew, so did my portfolio. In 2009 I made a “life changing” decision to pursue a career doing something I became very passionate about. I landed my first job that same summer and the rest is history.

Today I still enjoy helping others develop and/or overcome web design related issues such as Website Wireframing, Coding, Webpage UI, Marketing Strategies, and Search Optimization Techniques. Depending on what type of assistance you may need, it might not cost you a dime to reach out and ask for a little guidance solving whatever web related issue you may be having. If I can not help due to other obligations or responsibilities, I do have a relationship with well established Web Developers and Graphic Designers in our area that may help. You can Review my Web Development Services to learn more.

Feel free to browse through my site. I encourage you to Register on ThemeKings and join in the fun!


18 Free CSS Gaming Website Templates

ThemeKings has 18 Free Gaming Website Templates for those who are experienced with HTML, and CSS styled website designs. You may do as you please with my free website templates. After all, they are free. I would appreciate a link back to my site to show your support for what I do.

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Participate in Community Discussions

Web Design Community
Be sure to register on ThemeKIngs and participate in web development and graphic design discussions with other talented designers across the nation and around the world.

Discuss topics such as….

  • Graphic Design Software
  • Website Showcase
  • Design Tutorials
  • Animation Software Like Flash
  • PC Hardware
  • Java & PHP Scripts

Custom Website Development

At ThemeKings I’m solutions-driven and client-focused. The creative process starts by listening to your individual or business needs, and budget parameters. I will learn every aspect of your needs, and use this information to develop a strong framework for your particular design.
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Each web layout designed by ThemeKings is unique, and has been carefully developed to fit your size, scope, purpose and vision. The strong visual impact of your custom designed website will generate more interest in what your vision is, increased onsite traffic, and web activity.


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