Old School HTML and CSS Website Designs

old school wweb designDo you love those old school custom HTML websites? We do! We started designing web templates way back in 2007, and we still enjoy doing so today.

Before the evolution of cell phones and tables, we didn't have to worry about responsive web design (RWD). Hell, in 2007 we wouldn't had been able to tell you what RWD even meant. Although responsive designs are much needed today with the evolution of mobile devices, especially if you are running an online business, many people still don't mind utilizing HTML fixed width and fluid styles for their own recreational websites.

Platforms like Wordpress definitely make maintaining websites easier, but I found that several old school web developers like myself, still enjoy designing those retro templates.

I've posted many of my old themes here for people to view and/or use if they like. I plan to develop more and share as well. To me, it's still enjoyable and I appreciate the "old school" web era. Enjoy!
Z3 -Coming Soon
ThemeKings Z3 Theme
The Z3 Theme has been a long work in progress. The color scheme for this project has the perfect combination for this hi-tech look and feel.

This template will feature a php shoutbox, a JS clock with date, a small tabbed "Welcome" box, and JS footer messages that fade in and out. It will also feature a nice vertical menu roller effect for the sidebars, and banner menu.

Lots of fun features to enjoy with this template! A PHP database is required for the shoutbox. I don't mind setting the database up on your server for a small fee.

SHYROCK -Coming Soon
Nuke Ice Released
ThemeKings Nuke Ice Theme
Nuke Ice is now available for immediate download. This once php-nuke theme by Destined Designs was converted into a CSS template for those who want the look and feel of a php-nuke site, without the hassle of working with backend modules.

Free to the public, we ask that you join our community forum and participate in open discussions and share some of your own work in return. Or you may consider linking back to our website as a token of your appreciation.

Find the download on our Freebies page. Enjoy!

X-71 Website Template v2.0 Just Released
ThemeKings X-71 Theme
X-71, a project I began early 2009 is nearing completion after weeks of restoration.

In April 2009 my hard-drive crashed without warning causing me to lose everything I had because I failed to back-up all my documents. I thought because I had a brand-new Alienware, that was less than a year old, nothing like a hard-drive failure would ever occur. WRONG!

So sometime in July 09' I found a sample I posted at Xtrato.com's website a few months afterwards that I had reduced the .jpg quality making it very pixilated. But because I wanted to see this theme in action really bad I began tracing my old theme in hopes of recreating this unique theme.

This template features a flash banner, mp3 player and more. Written in CSS you will have total control of the look and feel of this template.

2.0 Final Release On 9/8/2010:

The full version is now available for download in the FREEBIES Section. Be sure to try this out and report any issues you may find in the banner .fla, coding, or browser issues.

I've given this template a little more depth in this release and changed the footer image. I'll post the CSS footer code in a few days that you can find in our forum. This 11mb download includes the song "Clubbed To Death" as featured in my demo. Enjoy!

v3.0 Update On 09/01/2019:

The flash elements within the header are now gone. I've taken the time to remove all those flash files so that its more browser friendly. Check the demo below, and be sure to visit our forum to learn more about this important update to our X71 Website Theme.