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Old School HTML and CSS Website Designs
Retro Web Designer Do you love those old school custom HTML websites? We do! We started designing web templates way back in 2007, and we still enjoy doing so today.

Before the evolution of cell phones and tablets, we didn't have to worry about responsive web design (RWD). Hell, in 2007 we wouldn't had been able to tell you what RWD even meant. Although responsive designs are much needed today with the evolution of mobile devices, especially if you are running an online business, many people still don't mind utilizing HTML fixed width and fluid styles for their own recreational websites.

Platforms like Wordpress definitely make maintaining websites easier, but I found that several old school web developers like myself, still enjoy designing those retro templates.

I've posted many of my old themes here for other developers to view and/or use as they like. I'll continue to develop more retro website themes and templates to be shared with our community. Enjoy, and don't forget to share with others that we are here!
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