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ThemeKings Website Looking to build a new website with the aesthetics and functionality of previous generation web design. Wow your visitors with one of our many FREE OLD SCHOOL website templates by ThemeKings. I've assembled a few of our creations free to the public to use as they please. I only ask that you not remove my Image URL in the foot of my theme if one exist, and that you also consider adding a link on your site back to mine. Isn't much to ask in return I don't think, so please take that into consideration. That would be enough payback for me.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up one or more of my themes let me know. I'd be more than happy to help. You can ask for assistance in the ThemeKings Web Forum.

I've posted a couple themes I've designed that are not available for download, but you can still check'm out anyway. These themes are marked as "Demo Only". Thank you, and enjoy!
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ThemeKings WebsiteOur downloads "DO NOT" contain any malware or other forms of viruses. All zip files will only contain objects, scripts, and images related to the template you are selecting, nothing more.

Section X Purple
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Purple By
Section X Plasma
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Plasma By
Section X Yellow
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Yellow By
Free CSS Website Template By
Coming Soon
Matrix Free CSS Website Template By
In development
Classic Free CSS Website Template By
In development
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
No Download