Black Diamond – 1920×1080 Scene Overlay


Scene Overlay
One Transparent PNG Image, One Optional JPG Backdrop
Size: 1920px x 1080px
Designer: ThemeKings


License: Standard
Image Size: 1920×1080 (pixels)
Image Format: Transparent PNG
Purchase Includes: One Transparent PNG Image, One Optional JPG Backdrop

Introducing “Black Diamond” overlay for streamers. This beautiful gold and black themed overlay features a nice diamond background with gold wrapped sections for your web cam, desktop scene, two social media panels, and three recent event panels specific to;

  • Most Recent Follower
  • Most Recent Subscriber
  • Most Recent Donation

The Black Diamond scene overlay is a digital download product designed to enhance your streaming experience on various platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Kick, and others. This high-definition 1920×1080 image overlay provides a visually appealing and professional-looking scene that adds flair to your livestreams.

The overlay features a sleek and modern design with a black diamond pattern as the centerpiece. The overlay seamlessly integrates with your stream, allowing you to showcase your gameplay or content in an eye-catching manner. It includes various elements such as webcam frames, social media icons, and a section to add your own logo or other relevant information giving you the flexibility to personalize the overlay to match your branding or style.

Whether you’re a gamer, vlogger, artist, or any other type of content creator, this Black Diamond overlay is a versatile tool that elevates the visual aesthetics of your stream. It helps you create a cohesive and professional streaming environment, attracting and engaging your audience while maintaining a polished and stylish look.

By utilizing this digital download product, you can take your streaming to the next level, stand out from the crowd, and create a captivating atmosphere for your viewers across multiple streaming platforms.

Included with this overlay is an optional backdrop image for green screen users should they want a matching background behind the transparent areas.

Please keep in mind, it is your responsibility to possess the correct graphic design software to make changes or make edits to this overlay.

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