RAID Video Overlay


RAID Animated Movie Overlay
Format: .mov
Size: 464 mb (20 seconds)
Size: 1920px x 1080px (HD)
Designer: ThemeKings
Transparency Sections: Face-cam, Desktop


Animated Video Overlay Demo: RAID

*Right click over video and select “Loop” to watch the video loop seamlessly

RAID is a animated movie overlay that you can add to your scene to give your channel a nice futuristic, hi-tech aesthetic. Your audience will notice the logo area will shine a flickering light upon it with two UI monitors to each side. You’ll also have two flame throwers that heat up the bottom of your recent event box, as well as the chat box. Pay close attention to the liquid cells used to supply the flame thrower with fuel. Beneath the desktop scene you ‘ll have three additional sections to use for social media links, or more events such as most recent cheerer etc..

The transparency areas are;

  • Face-cam Section
  • Desktop Section

This overlay also has sections for;

  • Channel name and/or logo (above desktop scene)
  • Three recent events
    • Recent Follower
    • Recent Subscriber
    • Recent Donation
  • Viewer chat box (right of the desktop scene)

Thanks again and enjoy!
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