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Add information or scripts into this section here, such as a twitter feed, server feed, or advertisment. This box area is 95px high and 316px wide.

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This Side Block is 200px in width and will double as a content and navigation area.

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This Side Block is 200px in width and will double as a content and navigation area.

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This Side Block is 200px in width and will double as a content and navigation area.

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The content area here is 650px wide and expands in height as content is added. Add photo's, scripts, ads, or whatever you like. The Google Font "Aldrich" has already been linked within the header, so all tent font within this template will appear as such unless you were to change it.

If you want to add your own images to the banner, simply open this file Banner Image, right click and save it to your PC. Add the images, renders, etc. as you like and save it as a .jpg file (100% resolution) and add/replace the existing file within the "theme" folder found within the root directory.

This is a free template download. Please add a link back to our site as a courtesy for the work we have done. Thank you!

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