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ThemeKings Military Clan v2.0 | Under Development

Welcome to the revision of Military Clan, a 2009 initial release. Military Clan v1.0 is the second most downloaded website template that we presently offer for free at nearly 6K downloads.

I thought it would be nice to update many of our popular free website templates we use to attract more people to our website and to update much of the HTML and CSS coding from the previous version.

Military v2.0 features a more user friendly MP3 player giving the webmaster much more control on how it behaves such as;

  • Auto play option
  • Artist avatar for songs
  • Initial play volume
  • Random song play
  • Play list (click the arrow in the lower right hand corner)

Also the Twitter Script allows users to easily update their twitter account name to immediately begin streaming their live twitter feeds.

The horizontal CSS Menu features a nice drop down sub menu, allowing you to show other related links of interest if necessary.

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