Military Theme - 01.30.10

It's here, ThemeKings Military theme!

This theme, designed for on-line gamers, allows those wanting to maintain there own clan website using the power of a CSS template to do just that.

Our theme will feature a flash shout box, XML flash MP3 player, and a optional flash banner. You will also be able to expanded your topic sections by as many as you like, as well as the navigation boxes on the left side of the page.

After many years of desiring the appearances of php-nuke themes I thought it would be nice to have the ability to quickly edit my own website(s) using either Web-Expression or Dreamweaver and not php-nukes admin control panel. This theme, as do all of my themes, allows you to do just that. Why not let your visitors admire your community without having to register just to browse your site as some clans require you to do. What's the fun with that?!

And obviously the price is set right. "FREE", to all my visitors. Keep checking back for more information.

Todd Swift, Web Admin/Designer
Topic #2  - 01.30.10

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Todd Swift, Web Admin/Designer
Topic #3  - 01.30.10

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Todd Swift, Web Admin/Designer