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Tech Red v2.0

Battlefield 3 Website TemplateTech Red has received a complete overhaul which corrects several css coding bugs discovered in the previous version, a more appealing horizontal and vertical navigation menu, footer notes area, and a larger content block to place larger video's and pictures should need be.

Tech Red v1.0 has been downloaded more than 1000 times over the past 2 years which prompt the templates redesign. We figured that if someone is going to show that much interest in it we may as well spice it up a bit. Special thanks to "Fat-Ace" from BF3's Ace's High for the encouragement as well. We appreciate the feedback!

So feel free to download this free template and be sure to keep a link back to us somewhere on your website. Thanks again everyone!

ThemeKings 02/10/2012
Banner Template & Logo

The dimensions for the banner logo is 280w x 75h. If you want to add a logo overtop the banner simply create your own and save it as "logo.png" and place it into the "theme" folder overwritting the previous version.

Your can find the banner background within the "theme" folder named "banner-template.jpg". Also contained with the theme folder is the original .png layered banner image named "banner-template.png".

To change the banner background image simply open the template for the banner, add your renders, and save it as "banner-template.jpg" and place it back into the theme folder overwritting the previous version. Or give it a unique name and change the name of that linked image within the "banner-img" DIV found in the css file.

ThemeKings 02/10/2012