About Todd Swift

"ThemeKings Lead Web Developer & Designer"
About Todd Swift, ThemeKings Web & Graphic Designer
Todd And Tonya Swift  Hello and welcome! I'm Todd Swift, our local Web Developer and Graphic Designer for ThemeKings.

 The first time I ever sat behind a computer was at a friends home while in the 6th grade. From what I recall his fathers computer only had a 9 or 10 inch monitor, and stored information on a cassette drive. In 1982 it wasn't everyday you could find a computer in someone's home. I was so fascinated by their computer, and seemed to find any reason to get him to power up his dad's pc to either play video games on it or just to type. Eventually we were both stricken from his dad's pc after we fought over who was going to do what on it. (lol)

 The next time I was able to get behind a pc was in our 7th grade library class, the "Apple IIe". This was the first time I had a hand in designing a computer generated graphic, a smilie face. By using large yellow pixels and a very lengthy script, the image finally appeared. I was immediately hooked!! Oh the possibilities.

 Over the next several years I would draw landscapes and animals on paper, imagining what they would appear like on a computer. But because I didn't own my own PC until I was an adult, I was not able to developed those skills and knowledge at a younger age. I often wonder what I could have done or become if I was able to have my own personal computer at an early age. I came from a family that did not have the finances to purchase one understandably, but I really do wonder what may had been if we could had.

 My first full-time job allowed me access to a computer and some free time to experiment with computer graphics using such programs as Paintbrush. "Aww the memories..." See my first two Paintbrush images I created in 1993, AIR MUSEUM and RACE DAY. See a updated version of the AIR MUSEUM 2020.

 As maybe you can tell, I've always had the ambition to be creative, specifically working with and designing computer generated graphics. Developing and designing websites has allowed me the freedom to do just that, and it's one of many reasons why I choose to pursue web and graphic design. With the release of Microsoft Web Expression, Macromedia Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks and other software we now have a broader range of creativity. Designing has never been so exciting than it is today. I'm very enthused with sharing my personal designs with our community for free. I hope that others share my excitement and can find ways to build upon their own portfolio, or even share their own designs with others here too.