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Author Topic: How To Buy ThemeKings Police Department Website Template  (Read 4974 times)

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How To Buy ThemeKings Police Department Website Template
« on: March 09, 2022, 11:45:39 AM »
Please understand that if you purchase or use any of my templates that you have some basic understanding how websites are used, and how to edit HTML/CSS.I don't mind helping when and where I can, but I do not want you to rely on me setting up your website. This will be your responsibility. Sounds rude I know, but I don't want someone to feel like they spend money on something that provides 24 hour customer support. :D

 Welp, after nearly 15 years of giving away themes I've decided to make one that I could see a little return on, yet provide a nice service to a department looking for something appealing for their community.  ;)

The Police Department website template features a horizontal navigation menu for your primary links, and a two column layout . The left sidebar allows for a vertical navigation menu and smaller content while the right column allows for all the content specific to that page. You'll also have links for social media, and a four column footer with navigation. Plus some eye goodies.  8)


Simply click the "Buy Now" button and it will redirect you to PayPal for a secure checkout. Once you finish the purchase be sure to watch your browser messages, because you will be asked to accept to download a ZIP file containing your new website. Allow your PC to scan the files if prompted to do so. Walla! It's yours!

If you didn't get the link to download, or missed it somehow no problem. Send me a text message to 614-743-1212 or email at  and I'll verify the purchase and email you the zip file containing your new website template.

I do not offer refunds. Once you buy, it's yours to keep. So please make sure that this is what you want before you buy, and that you have your own server to host your site and the means of editing this to fit your needs.
Thank you!!!
Todd Swift
Web Developer