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Retro HTML Web Templates For Gaming & Recreational Use

ThemeKings WebsiteAre you looking to build a new website with the aesthetics and functionality those retro web designs provided us? You can now excite your visitors with one of our many Free Old Sschool Website Templates developed by ThemeKings. I've assembled over 20 of our creations free to the public to use as they please.

Retro website templates have been making a comeback over the past few years as many communities still appreciate the look and feel of those layouts. Not all website have to be mobile friendly. It’s true, Google doesn’t like it very much, but all PC browsers display them just fine as long as they are using proper HTML and CSS codes. Many communities like pc gamers and other recreational groups tend to be at their PC when they are searching the web anyway, so this allows these developers to build themes more relatable to their target audience for more immersion. They also tend to make better use of their social media outlets to reach those cell phone users.

So if you want to refresh the look and feel of your existing website, let’s go for it!

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up one or more of my themes let me know. I'd be more than happy to help. You can ask for assistance in the ThemeKings Web Forum.

I've posted a couple themes I've designed near the bottom of the page that are not available for download, but you can still check'm out anyway. These themes are marked as "Demo Only". And yes, I've even started creating themes going up for sale.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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Free HTML Website Templates By ThemeKings

All web templates have now been updated. If you find any errors, please let us know in our forum.

ThemeKings WebsiteAll of our free templates can be altered to fit your needs without permission. However we DO NOT authorize the sale of any our designs on other websites.

Our downloads "DO NOT" contain any malware or other forms of viruses. All zip files will only contain objects, scripts, and images related to the template you are selecting, nothing more. Thanks again for all your support.

Section X Purple
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Purple By ThemeKings.net
Section X Red
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Red By ThemeKings.net
Section X Plasma
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Plasma By ThemeKings.net
Section X Yellow
Free CSS Gaming Template Section X - Yellow By ThemeKings.net
Mercury Website Template Designed By ThemeKings.net
In Development

HTML Website Templates For Sale - $3.99 USD per download.

When you click Download, you will be redirected to PayPal. Payments are made to Todd Swift of ThemeKings in the amount of $3.99 USD. Once you complete your check out, you will be given a link immediately to download and save the ZIP file that containes the related CSS files, HTML Template(s), Image Files, and editing resource information contained within a text file.

Your browser may ask that you agree to scan the file for viruses before it downloads. Be sure to agree so that the download completes. Our files DO NOT contain any form of viruses or malware. You can visit our forum to learn more about our templates there, or post questions.

If you have any issues please text me at 614-743-1212 or send me an email to tswift@themekings.net . Thank you for your support!

Please Understand The Following....

We encourage you to have some basic understanding of using and editing HTML and/or CSS. If you don't have experience doing so, you should re-consider buying these templates that I offer for sale. You may want to download one of my free themes first and experiment with that beforehand.

Police Department ($3.99 USD)
Police Department Website Template Designed By ThemeKings.net
Coming Soon

Demo Templates Only - Not Available For Download

Industrial Equipment
Industrial Equipment Website Template Designed By ThemeKings.net
No Download
Safe Zone
Safe Zone CSS Website Template By ThemeKings.net
No Download
Wasp Website Template Designed By ThemeKings.net
No Download
Dark Steel
Dark Steel CSS Website Template By ThemeKings.net
No Download