Welcome To X-71 Web Template

Thank you for visiting my newest theme, "X-71". This theme was designed for those who enjoy using darker style web pages to wow their visitors.

This is a CSS Based Level 2.1 design that features a flash banner and navigation menu that can be edited by you or myself to reflect your clan or guilds theme.

Give it a shot! You can get support for this theme in our forum by clicking HERE.


Game Result Icons

For game results you can easily add your own game icon to the result win/lose image by editing the g-lost & g-won .jpg files found in the source folder of this download. Once you add edit those images just copy and paste them into the theme folder, overwriting the existing image files.

The area for this game icon is the far left side of the image in the small 16x16 area.

When you look at the html code you can see that you can easily change the win/lose image by using changing the appropriate DIV to won or lose.

Should you need support for this feature visit our forum and ask your question(s) by clicking HERE.

Thank you!

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