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Free Website HTML and CSS Menus

navigation menus We’ve designed several website navigation menus for our viewers to give a try. These simple menus are easy enough for the many inexperienced users to understand and embed into their own design, with a hint of creativity and good design thrown in.

Below we present a few excellent navigation menus that feature CSS-based design and can be easily customize-able.

If you have you own design you would like to showcase here, Contact Us and we will consider coding the menu for you and displaying it here for others to use as well.

Horizontal Dropdown Menus

swift dropdown menu

I thought it would be nice to share a basic CSS navigation menu with our community. This works and looks very well in many browsers and very easy to setup, even for someone who has very little experience with CSS navigation menus.

 This is a pure CSS horizontal navigation menu that allows up to 3 dropdown sub-menus. Experienced CSS users will be able to quickly adjust the associated CSS navigation file to embed it within their own theme, as all aspects of the design can be easily adjusted.

swift dropdown menu

ThemeKings has an easy to use Horizontal Menu created strictly of CSS and HTML that can be embedded within any website. No images were used to create this menu and it is compatible with any of today’s modern web browsers.

I’ve used black and gray menus in my demo, but other color variations can be created by customizing the CSS file.